A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 27

Today’s post is about how my relationship with Hera has changed over time. And this is both an easy one and a difficult one to write. When I first started being “called” by the Hellenic Gods, it wasn’t any of the daughters of Chronos who were doing the calling, it was Athene — who later “stepped back” as she was not meant to be one of the goddesses that I would be making strong connections to.

And interestingly enough, Hera was very “quiet” when she first started her relationship with me despite being a goddess with a very strong personality. My relationship started deepening with her in October of 2004, when I married my husband and fully entered into her realm. It was then that I began to understand that one of her major focuses in a relationship would be honesty above almost everything else. It further deepened in July of 2009 when I discovered that I was expecting my only child — a daughter, and I became involved in the motherhood portion of her realm.

Hera is now second only to Hestia in my devotion, and will likely continue to be for a very long time.


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