A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 18

Today is one of the more interesting, as well as one of the most difficult posts of the month. The reason for this is that it is about how Hera relates to gender and sexuality, both from historical and UPG sources. There does not seem to be anything in historical sources that Hera had any relationship with anyone before Zeus, and as she was one of the only sexually active Hellenic deities to be monogamous, it is difficult — if not impossible — to know if she would be completely heterosexual. It is known that many of the other Hellenic deities would be described as bisexual by modern standards (which actually do NOT mirror the standards of Greece in the Classical period).

It is because of this that I have to rely on personal UPG for this post. And from the understanding I have gotten in meditation on Hera, I will say that she has no problem with people on any part of the spectra of either gender or sexuality. I would also say that she has no issue with any form of HONEST and CONSENTING adult relationship. As she is the Goddess that is considered to be the patroness of Marriage, she would approve of a¬†same-sex marriage in the same way that a heterosexual marriage. She would approve of a FULLY INFORMED, CONSENTUAL, and HONEST polygamous marriage in the same way as she would a SIMILAR monogamous marriage. As long as a BDSM relationship conforms to the standards of being FULLY INFORMED, CONSENTUAL and HONEST, Hera approves of it in the same way as a “vanilla” one.

It is the honesty and fully informed consent between adults that Hera approves of. It is not the form of the relationship. And this is what my UPG tells me. To protect marriage, Hera is more concerned with the issues of honesty and consent than she is concerned with the reproductive plumbing involved.

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