A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 14

Today the topic is one that I honestly haven’t given much thought to in the past. It regards how Hera is worshipped in the modern day. Apart from honoring her during the festivals she was honored during in ancient times with libations and incense, I hadn’t really considered the question of how she should be honored NOW.

One of the times in the modern era that I feel should be a festival that varies from family to family is the anniversary of marriage celebrated by that family. Insofar as Valentine’s Day has become associated with romance that leads to marriage, I would also consider that to be a possible feast in her honor.

There is one civic festival in the United States (and perhaps other nations) that I feel is one that Hera shares with a number of other Goddesses — these goddesses include Gaea, Rhea, and Demeter. It is Mother’s Day. As Hera is herself a mother, as well as one of the goddesses who oversee childbirth, it is especially important to remember this day in her honor.

As a mother myself, I am also considering (starting next year) honoring Hera on my child’s birthday because of the connection that Hera has both with marriage and childbirth. BUT, I emphasize that this may be more of a personal than a general honoring.


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