A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 12

Hera’s locations of cultus are the subject of today’s post. She was widely worshipped in the Classical period throughout southern Greece with cult centers in both Athens and Sparta as well as in many other city-states in that area as well as in central Greece and on the Aegean island of Samos (which claimed the status of being Hera’s birthplace). There is also evidence of her worship in places along the Mediterranean rim from Anatolia (in modern Turkey) and Egypt, in the east to Iberia (in modern Spain) in the west. She was worshipped throughout the modern country of Italy, where she became worshipped by the Romans as Juno.

Although Hera does not have any centers of cult worship in the modern world, it would be appropriate to honor her at weddings and for those who chose to honor her as Hera Acraea (of the Heights) she would be one of the Goddesses who could be said to be at home in hill or mountain country.

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