A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 5

Today’s topic is the genealogical connections of the Goddess Hera. Her grandparents are Ouranos and Gaea. Her parents are Chronos and Rhea and the other Titans as well as both the Hecantochaires and Elder Cyclopes are her uncles and aunts. Her five siblings are Hestia, Demeter, Haides, Poseidon, and her Zeus. Her children by Zeus, her husband, are Ares, Eris, Hebe, Hephaestus and Eileithyia, although some sources say that Hephaestus was borne by her without Zeus’ input.
All but one of the other Olympian Gods — Athena Tritogenia, Apollon, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysos, are her stepchildren by various other goddesses and (in the case of Dionysos, a mortal) with Aphrodite being the child of Ouranos (but not Gaea).
It is notable that Heracles, who was a child of Zeus by the mortal queen Alcmene, was allowed to marry Hebe, while first Hephaestus and then Ares were married to Aphrodite. Although there are many other family ties, these are some of the most notable.


2 thoughts on “A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 5

  1. Oh, and Aphrodite is kind of a possible stepchild depending on which account you follow regarding her birth. One says she is born of Ouranos’ semen falling in the sea upon his castration by Kronos, another (followed at Dodona I think) calls her the daughter of Zeus and Dione. But Dodona also considers Dione, not Hera, as Zeus’ wife.


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