A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 4

Today is about a favorite myth (or myths) surrounding Hera. Interestingly, it is one that typically is referred to by people painting her in a negative light. The myth is that of Heracles. It is one of the stories where she is portrayed as punishing the paramour and offspring of Zeus unfairly. However, there are stories of how Alcmene was able to appease the wrath of Hera by following the advice of Tiresias the Seer. There are also some people who have, in the past, interpreted Hera’s name as meaning “Glory of Hera”. This would tend to mean, in my opinion, to indicate that Hera KNEW that the labors would make Heracles famous and memorable. She would also would have known that his labors would make him worthy of marriage to Hebe, who was her daughter.

As Hera is one of the Goddesses that is called upon to bless a marriage, and is in fact, the Goddess OF marriage such a union would fall in her domain. Speaking as a woman (and a mother myself) I don’t know of any mother who wouldn’t want to know that a potential son-in-law was “worthy” of marrying her daughter. And this feeling would be amplified if the daughter was divine and the potential groom was partially mortal in origin.

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