Trying to live with Arete when it feels like an Agon

This is an interesting post for me because of the present political climate in the United States. It actually feels to me like the current administration is actively working to marginalize people who don’t wish to follow the particular flavor of Christianity that many of the cabinet nominees espouse.

I’ve spoken before on other media about how I feel about what is known as “Seven Mountain Dominionism” which has as its goal establishing an Evangelical Christian THEOCRACY in the United States. seven-mountains

 For examples of what I mean, I’m adding some links. First, David Barton Will Be Training Christians To Conquer The ‘Mountain’ Of Government Second, more links from the People for the American Way site Right Wing WatchSeven Mountain Dominionism related posts. And finally, from the horse’s mouth, The Seven Mountains of Societal Influence which is from a site that promotes Christian “prayer warriors”

In the face of this, I have to agree with many of the points that John Beckett makes in this post on his blog. Unless we strive for arete in our lives and our faith, we will have little choice in how our society evolves. Unless we refuse to go back into the “broom closet” we will see our RELIGIOUS LIBERTY eroded by “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” bills that are being floated at both state and federal levels. WE HAVE TO STAND UP AND ACT and we have to do it now. It is the struggle to preserve equal protection under the law which makes this an Agon dedicated to the Gods. We need to make living with Arete into an Agon or we will be shoved back underground like the European and American polytheistic faiths were when Christian sects used forced conversions….


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