Thoughts on family and tradition during the “turning” of the year.

As many of my readers know, I am the daughter of a Greek Orthodox Christian priest. I consider that to be one of the things informing the religious path that I walk now. Although I cannot honestly say that my father would approve of my worship of the Pre-Christian Gods of Hellas, I can say with some degree of certainty that my feeling called to be an active devotee and Dedicant of the Hellenic Gods would be one that was familiar to him as a devotee and Priest of the Christian God.

In a Greek home, this time of year is one that has many little traditions that are involved with it. In ours, there was a specific time to decorate for the winter holidays, there were specific foods that were associated with it, and it was a time where family got together to usher in the New Year with prayers for health and prosperity.

As I will be able to spend this holiday season with my sister, I may not be writing much until she is back to her school in the first weeks of the upcoming year. I am offering prayers for her safe travels and for our prosperity and good health while she is here.

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