Progressing from Devotee to Dedicant

For a month or so I have been having a growing feeling in the back of my mind that the Gods have been wanting for me to “step up” to being a Priestess of the Daughters of Chronos. I have been reluctant to claim the  title of Priestess in the past because it is not a title that a person should take for themselves — especially in light of the number of people who read a book or two about Wicca and start claiming that they are a Priest/ess. The title of Priestess is one that is EARNED through hard work and comes with a great deal of responsibility.

It is for this reason that I am moving from being a devotee of the Chronidea to being a Dedicant Priestess of theirs. I plan on working towards being a FULL Priestess of theirs over the coming year. This is not a decision that I have come to lightly. I have asked of two diviners concerning this so that I would know that it was not just me and done out of hubris. Both of them agreed that it was time for me to take this step and begin to serve my community in a greater capacity than I have been up to now.

Make no mistake about it. I am more than a bit nervous about what trials the Gods will give me in the coming year, as I know that they will due to having to EARN what they want me to claim. BUT, as it is time to begin this process, I will take the first steps on that road.


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