Values and Non-negotiable Limits — How does faith help inform my political and social views?

As many people know, I am a social liberal. I am also completely appalled by the outcome of the latest Presidential election in the United States.I fear for many of my country’s citizens and for many people who have immigrated to this country from areas around the world in search of the elusive “American Dream”. It is not the nervousness that I felt during the McCain campaign or even the Romney campaign because my fundamental values were to some measure echoed in those campaigns.

In those campaign seasons, there was much less of the sheer vitriol that came out of the Republican Candidate’s campaign in the last one. And it leaves me with a deep sense of betrayal that people I know and in some cases cared about actually voted FOR a person whose rhetoric was often violent, was racist, was sexist, was homophobic and transphobic, who mocked a person with a disability, and STATED multiple times that they were going to deport people of a minority religion as well as wanting to censure news outlets for writing stories he found to be less than flattering.

What troubles me in those situations is that there were people with valid economic issues who did not consider this vitriol to be a deal-breaker in voting for this candidate. And, what troubles me even more is that some of these people are feeling betrayed because their vote has resulted in loss of friendships, or even hostility — where they feel that they are NOT racist, sexist, religiously-biased, homophobic, ablist and that they are in favor of protecting the rights to free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association that are in this country’s constitution.

How to reconcile these things with the values of Hellenic Polytheism as I understand them has been a difficult and on-going struggle. I’m finding myself looking at some of the things I wrote about in the past as a way to organize my thoughts. The Delphic Maxims are some of them and I am referring to them in my mind as I’m debating the issues that we are facing as a country. And although this approach is not as direct as I would like or what people I talk to would like, I think that in the long run this will be the best.

Considering that Hestia Politia is one of the Goddesses that I honor, I wonder how I would best honor her in this time. Considering how Ares and Hestia work together for social justice, I wonder how I can best honor that partnership with my actions.

And, how do I help to heal the divide with the people that I care about which was caused by the 2016 Election. I know there are no easy answers, but if I struggle with this with arête I will act in a way that honors my Gods and my Faith.


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