Thoughts on how we can help in troubled times — Kharis in action

There have been a lot of things that have been happening in the United States and around the world that, especially in the realm of social activism, have been pointing to a period of “troubled times”.  One blogger that I read quite a lot is referring to it in terms of the Tarot card “The Tower” by calling it “Tower Time”. thetower-rider

And while we live in this time, there are things that we can do as individuals or small groups to make a difference. One of these things is for us to examine where our internal biases need to break down and be replaced with new ways of thinking. It is not a time to remain still and isolated from each other. It IS a time however, that we can help forge connections with other people as well as with our Gods and the Land Spirits in our area.

The 2016 General election has caused a lot of resentments to come to the surface. Those resentments have help fuel the troubled times but are not the sole cause of them. How we react though is also going to be very important.

As a devotee of the Daughters of Chronos, I am going to do my best to help marginalized communities in the US and especially in the city where I live. In their name, I plan on getting together a stock of travel size toiletries and some additional things like plain white socks and menstrual supplies.

The reason for this is to create what will essentially be like the “care packages” that some church groups have distributed in New Orleans to the homeless during the summers. It really isn’t everything that the people receiving NEED because it doesn’t solve the root problem. However, in a lot of cities, homeless people are in danger of losing their possessions when the police break up homeless encampments and even things like this can help them maintain a sense of dignity by allowing them to at least keep themselves clean.

This is only one example of Kharis in action. As I start working on this project, I am sure I will come up with more ideas. We can truly only pray for what we cannot achieve ourselves because our Gods demand that we STAND UP AND WORK to better ourselves and our fellow people.

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