Land/Water spirits and the legacy we leave

People who become interested in Hellenic Polytheism will often make the same mistake. While almost everyone in Western/European society has heard of the “12 Olympians” as well as others like Hekate, Pan, Haides and Persephone. However, when it comes to paying cultus to the spirits and “minor” gods all around us, people are surprised that we as Hellenic Polytheists should be honoring them as well.

In the Midwest region of the United States, as I write this, indigenous people from multiple INDIGENOUS nations are standing together to fight for an area that is sacred to their people. This is a place where honored dead are buried, as well as being an area close to one of the United States’ major waterways — the Missouri River.

They are providing an example of resistance to something that endangers the ecosystem in their area in order to transport oil that indigenous nations in Canada objected to being taken out of the ground in the first place. The Gods and nymphs who are tied to these places are no less important in our daily lives than the “major” Gods and Goddesses are. In fact, on a day-to-day level, they might even be considered more important that the “major” Gods because they are “closer to home”.

But, if you look at cause and effect, an oil spill in a river will ultimately flow into the ocean — a place where river and sea gods meet. And an oil spill can effect croplands and wild animals, thus effecting both the nymphs of the meadows as well as both areas under the ruler-ship of Artemis and Demeter.

If we know and understand that seemingly little things can have far-reaching effects, then it follows that we SHOULD honor the land and water nymphs with (at the minimum) respect and prayer.
We should also stand up WITH the Indigenous Nations at Standing Stone Camp so that the “Indians” don’t receive the short end of the stick yet again — as is wont to happen when they “interfere” with the corporate profits of the rich. Even if we cannot be there in person, we can spread information and contribute to them online.

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