A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 29

Today the topic is what I don’t know about Hestia but wish I did. For me, that would be why Hestia could be so important to society in general but not inspire them to at least have temples to her in the Classical and Hellenistic periods in Greece. Her Roman counterpart, Vesta, had a very important temple and Priestesshood, yet Hestia does not seem to have more than a shared altar, much less a dedicated temple.

When we see the Parthenon in Athens, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, or the temple of Apollo at Delphi, we find it easier to connect with the God worshiped at that location. But the lack of a temple dedicated to Hestia seems to me to make the rebuilding of her public cultus far more difficult. How is someone like me, who feels the call to be a devotee/priestess of Hestia, supposed to base what I do if there is no record available and no ancient temple dedicated to her?

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