A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 26

Today, like yesterday, is both easy and difficult. It is a time when Hestia refused to help me.

As I have been homeless in the past, I have tried to help others get on their feet when they have been homeless. This last time though, was different. It involved a young man that I had essentially “adopted” as what is known as a “street son” when we lived in New Orleans. He stayed with us in New Orleans for a time, and we offered to bring him with us when we moved up to Denver. He refused at the time and at that point, I should have listened to the Theoi when they told me that he had made his decision and would have to live with ALL of the consequences.

Fast forward several years and this young man — having exhausted all his options for people to stay with in the New Orleans area (something that should have been a red flag for me) came to Denver to “be with” a person he had met online — who happened to be staying with me and my family while they raised money to get their own home. At that point, I asked Hestia to help me keep my “whole” family safely under my roof. To say that it didn’t work that way, would be an understatement as I discovered that the young man I had tried to mentor was a very manipulative person and someone who tried to use my tendencies towards feeling guilty when I can’t help someone as a way to make me help someone who would NOT do the work required themselves.

Hestia did not help me maintain more than the minimum needed for a stable home during the period he was under my roof. After he moved out (and back to the New Orleans area), Hestia showed me that while she still maintained her protection on the core of my family unit, that I needed to focus my energies more narrowly than I had been because of my responsibility to the child I am raising.

She did NOT help me when I asked her to help someone not willing to help themselves, and that is a big lesson that she taught me.

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