A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 25

Today’s topic is on that is going to be both easy and difficult. It is about sharing a time when Hestia helped me. As this is something that is very personal for me, it may take some of the people reading this post by surprise, as it is something that I didn’t ask for (because I wanted to do things without having to ask for the help).

Just in my daughter’s lifetime, we have lived in FIVE “permanent” or “semi-permanent” homes and the longest we have been in one location is 2 years and 1 month. My daughter is six years and six months old. In between those homes, we have been homeless.

Although Hestia is not usually associated with matters outside the “home”, she does spread her mantle over the portion of the homeless who are trying to change their situation. And this is where she helped me (and my family). She helped us in getting into a home, by giving us the opportunity to get HUD assistance so we could get into affordable housing. Even though our home is small, it is our HOME.

Even through the period where we were between housing, I have never forgotten to give Hestia the honor I have committed to give. And, sometime it is the offering that does not come with a request that is the offering the Theoi love the most.

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