A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 18

This is an interesting topic today. It is about how Hestia relates in terms of gender and sexuality. While Hestia is celibate-by-choice, it is MY feeling that Hestia is very open to the variations that are found in sexual preference and gender expression within humanity.

Although many of the Hellenic deities appear to be stable in gender expression, Dionysus is one that seems to be gender-fluid. Also, many of the Hellenic deities do not seem to have issues with same-sex paramours. For example, Zeus and Ganymede vs. Zeus and Leda, is an example of this.

Because Hestia, in my opinion, does not take issue with the gender and sexuality of the other deities in her pantheon, it would follow that she is welcoming to humans of all gender expressions and sexual preferences including people who are asexual.

She herself chose to not engage in a relationship, but is one of the Gods and Goddesses that are involved in maintaining the oikos. The family of the Theoi is one where there are many variations, and Hestia accepts them all. She is a Goddess that approves of people’s ability to be free to choose their sexual and gender expressions. She is the Goddess who is the mistress of the hearth and as such is the one who accepts those who come before her.

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