A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 16

Today’s topic is how Hestia reflects the values of her pantheon and cultural origins. Speaking as someone who is of Greek heritage, the values of the old Greeks have continued in the modern culture.

If you look at modern culture, you see perseverance, a love of home and family, and a spirit of community. These are values that the ancient Greeks also shared and this was also demonstrated in the Hellenic pantheon.

Although sometimes relationships between members of the pantheon can sometimes be *ahem* fractious, Hestia is the one Goddess who doesn’t take sides and always seems to be able to get all the disparate Gods to work together. This is because the hearth is the center of the home, both in the mortal world and the realm of the Theoi.

Her values of xenia and philoxenia were some of the primary values of the Hellenic culture. It is because of this that the city-states of Ancient Greece were able to have enough of a set of common values where they were able to form a nation-state in the modern world. Hestia is a goddess that reminds us constantly of how we are more alike than we are different. She was in many ways the “glue” holding the Theoi together. And because of this Hestia has been able to continue to influence the way the Greek culture had developed through the ages — despite the fact that the Greek culture has become overlaid with Christianity. In fact, in some ways, the values that Hestia embodies have permeated the way the Christian religion expresses itself in it’s most charitable form (even if some of the other ways Christianity expresses itself are different).

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