A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 13

Today’s topic is what modern cultural issues (if any) that would be closest to Hestia’s heart. This is something that I actually touched on when I posted the first two entries I ever made to this blog. Because Hestia is a guardian of the community as well as the center of the home, I believe that the issues involving TRUE social justice would be at the forefront of her interests. Because without that justice and a TRUE community ethos, our society becomes nothing more than warring factions and warring special interests instead of moving forward to improve conditions for everyone.

I know that this sounds radical to some people, but I would rather walk in Hestia’s path as a peacemaker and community-builder by doing things that I think SHE would ask of me. I am not necessarily calling for what many people would think I “should”, as I am not saying that we should do this without exercising the good judgement that was given to us by the Theoi.

Although Hestia’s xenia would tell us that we should welcome refugees from war-torn areas, because the Theoi abhor those who abuse the hospitality they are given, we do NOT need to accept those who have been shown to be violent in the past.

One of the things that we need to work together on is to PREVENT the injustices from happening in the first place. To use the example of Da’esh, although we DO need to stop them from their crimes, we also need to stop our part in creating the conditions they use to further their recruitment narratives. This is NOT the same as being “isolationist” but rather working WITH the rest of the world and their cultures to improve things for everyone instead of imposing our cultural values on everyone else. Unfortunately, in the “Western” world, many people have the mindset that other cultures are “backward” or “savage” instead of understanding that we are ALL part of the family that the Theoi created, and that all members of the family have things of value to create.

Does this mean that we should not speak out when people, in our opinion, are incorrect? No, we should continue to do so. However, we should make sure to do so in a way that will open dialog between people instead of shutting it down. It’s one of the reasons that many “radicals/revolutionaries” fail. The failure to admit that xenia includes being able to discuss things is one of the reasons for the splintering of our society — something that, at least in my opinion, makes Hestia sorrowful.

Community building and xenia are the things Hestia loves most — and I intend to work towards them to the best of my ability.

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