A Month of Devotional thought — Hestia: Day 1

Each day this month is devoted to a different topic about Hestia and today is a basic introduction to the goddess.

Hestia is one of the lesser known goddesses of the Hellenic pantheon. However, just because of this it is important for us to remember that lesser known is not the same as less important. As just about any adult knows, it is sometimes the people in the background that makes certain that things are smooth for the people in the spotlight. A pantheon is no different in that each member has a different role within it.

Hestia is the Hellenic Goddess of the Hearth. While many people would not consider “home” to be the most important sphere of influence for a goddess to be dealing with, I consider it foundational to the rest of the parts of our society. The hearth is the heart of the ancient home and as such, in my opinion Hestia is actually more important than many would make her out to be. She was offered the first and last prayers and sacrifices during rites and festivals and it is because she should be welcome everywhere.

I will be discussing more about things about her in later posts this month and how they impact our perceptions. Hopefully, this will help us all know Hestia better.

One thought on “A Month of Devotional thought — Hestia: Day 1

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