For me, Birthdays are also days of remembrance!

It is interesting to me that many people focus on their own life when it is their birthday, as it was for me a few days ago. However, birthdays are also days that we should take especial care to honor our ancestors for without our ancestors we would not HAVE a birthday to celebrate.

For me, this is emphasized by the fact that my maternal grandmother’s birthday was 2 calendar days after mine and my late parent’s wedding anniversary was 3 calendar days after my birthday (I was actually born just before their first wedding anniversary).

In Hellenic Polytheism, there is the understanding that our ancestors need to be remembered and honored. In point of fact one of the Delphic Maxims states “Crown your ancestors (Προγονους στεφανου)”. Although we do NOT have to agree with their chosen religion (in the case of those of us who come from Christian families), we do have to honor them and the fact that they helped make us into the people we are today by providing the basis upon which we have built our lives.

May we be worthy of remembrance by our descendants! May we honor our ancestors through many birthdays!

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