Devotional Head Covering — not just for monotheists!

This picture is one that sparked some discussion on my FaceBook feed. One person commented that it was because they were both “brainwashed”, but Galina Krassikova of Gangleri’s Grove commented that she knew of several devotional polytheists who covered for religious reasons. She also made mention that she knew of some that have had people spit on them because they covered.

I cover because of a strong feeling that that is what Hestia wants me to do. Most people don’t comment though because the way I cover leaves my neck exposed — so it doesn’t LOOK like a hijab. But cultures around the world have had people covering their heads for religious reasons for millenia and it has only recently become associated in the popular mind with Islam (at least in the United States) and by extension the terrorists that either are a part of or support in some way the goals of organizations like Da’esh (May they be hounded by all the Gods into the deepest pits of punishment).
THIS is why people are “offended” by women (other than Roman Catholic nuns) who veil/cover for religious reasons.

I expect that they would find THESE women offensive too….

(BTW…. These are Orthodox Christian Nuns)
Why is it offensive? It is NOT something that most women who veil are forced to do by any physical being. It is a CHOICE that we make. It is a way that we reclaim our agency by saying that parts of us are NOT for public display. It is a way that we reclaim our agency by saying that we CHOOSE to wear the veil/head covering — whether we do it at all times or only during religious ritual. It is NOT due to brainwashing, It is due to CHOICE and perhaps that is part of why people find it threatening because women who veil are not an everyday part of life in the United States because that is not what “modern” women do.

I call bullshit. I am a modern woman, a polytheist, someone who is interested in social justice and equal rights for all — and I cover.

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