The season of Demeter is here

When I refer to the season of Demeter, I refer to the time of year when people start working seriously on their gardens. Most people would not think in this day and age of honoring Goddesses and Gods who are involved in agricultural pursuits.

However, tending to tomatoes and herbs — among other food crops — is something that we can use as an active devotional activity.

And this is something that serves to tie the realms of Demeter and Hestia together. Hestia is the one that is the heart of the oikos and Demeter is the one who provides much of the food we enjoy. Although many people think of Demeter’s realm as one of the farm fields, the home garden is also Her domain.

As the Orphic Hymn in her honor states it is the fruits and flowers that she gives us. In tending a garden, we bring ourselves closer to her

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