The ties between the Fairies of popular lore and the Nymphs of Hellenic beliefs

The fairies that you see at events like the “Tulip Fairy and Elf Festival” are popularization and watering down of very potent spirits of tree, flower, mountains, lakes and streams that are found in many Polytheistic faiths. I brought my daughter to this because she LOVES the fairies. She also knows that the fairies are friends and helpers to the Nymphs in keeping nature going the way it should. Although this is a very basic understanding of some of the most misunderstood of the Theoi (because they are “minor” ones) it is one that is very easy for a young child. It is also one that helps us as adults, because it connects the Nymphs and other Nature gods to an image that many of us can still relate to….
And because we can relate to these winged spirits, we can use that as a way to deepen the ties between ourselves and the rest of the spirits of the natural world.

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