Intersectionality of the Gods

I was in a discussion with another polytheist last night and it got me thinking about the intersectionality of the Gods that we worship. We don’t all worship the same Gods, although we all look to them for our examples.

The Gods have different “spheres” of influence but all of those spheres have intersecting areas that they deal with.

The Three Daughters of Chronos illustrate this concept extremely well in my opinion. Hestia is the Queen of the Hearth Fire. Demeter is the Queen of Food Stuffs and Hera is the Queen of the Marriage Bed. All three of them combine in the creation of the home and family.

Yet, if you look at them in terms of human endeavors, Hestia is the mistress of the ties that bind us, Demeter is the mistress of the production of our necessary supplies and Hera is the patroness of our cities and civilization…..

This concept also translates to “inter-faith” dialog between various polytheistic groups as Hera and Hestia both intersect with Frigga but do not EQUATE to Her. Both Athena and Aphrodite share traits with Ishtar, but neither one are Her and Ishtar is not either one of Them.

This applies to male Gods as well, Although Odin is King of the Norse Gods, he is not the Thunder God of that Pantheon, Thor is. Zeus is King and Thunderer, but not Smith like Thor. Hephaestus is.

I am only using a few examples, I know that people could think of many more. but it is not needed for the purpose.

Our Gods are intersectional, and so are our lives…..

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