The problem of Priesthood — is claiming it enough or is an initiation needed?

One of the issues I have with “Priesthood” in various Pagan Traditions is the way that it has been loosely interpreted to mean that EVERYONE is a priest or priestess — with the honors that go with that title. This leads to people with no experiential knowledge of a tradition trying to say that they are in fact worthy of that title. It is akin to trying to claim you are an “elder” of a tradition when there are people around you who have practiced it longer than you have been alive.

I have been loath to claim the title for myself as I feel it is not one to take on lightly, and that it must be EARNED. However, in meditation, I have come to the realization that it is time that I make preparations for an initiatory ordeal and dedication of myself as a priestess to the Daughters of Chronos. What the ordeal will involve is not something I will blog about. HOWEVER, I have asked an initiated priest (yes he is of another tradition, but as there are no initiates of my tradition around to ask I chose him) to witness the ordeal and confirm by his witness that I will be at that time an initiate.

This actually will be coming almost five years after a lovely practitioner of an African-diaspora religious tradition gave me the ritual garb of a priestess of her tradition (a white outfit) and said that she considered me a priestess. At that time, I felt unready for that honor and title. I still fell unready, and probably will ALWAYS feel a bit unready. However, if you feel that a title belongs to you “by right”, you may not be worthy of that title

May Hestia, Demeter and Hera watch over me as I make my preparations.

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