A question with a complicated answer

Recently in the Huffington Post there was an article which posed a question of Should the Catholic Church Acknowledge the Destruction of Classical Pagan Culture? The short answer, to me, is “Yes”. However the reality of this is far more complicated.

First of all, there would have to be acknowledgement by governments, such as those of Italy and Greece, which are very dominated by conservative Christians (both Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox respectively) that there exists a revival of the classical Pagan Greek and Roman religions. Also, there would have to be a realization that people wanting to actually WORSHIP at some of the ancient temples is more than just “play-acting” for the tourists or the Olympic Games. Our Gods have been marginalized to “just stories” or “demons” for so long that many people in our society can’t grasp that there are people who want to worship more than one God.

It is more than just an acknowledgement of the Divine Feminine (which the author of the article seems to be focusing on when she calls Religio Romanum “Vesta Religion” instead of by its actual name). There is a need to acknowledge that the philosophy of the Greeks and Romans was appropriated by Christianity in the Classical Era. There needs to be an acknowledgement that the temples of the Gods were turned into things like brothels and animal pens in a way do insult the Pagans and discredit the Gods.

There needs to be an acknowledgement of the destruction of scientific knowledge in things like the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and the murder of scholars like Hypatia. If these things had not happened we might have been much farther along in both the physical and social sciences than we are now instead of having regressed because even knowledge that wasn’t “approved” by the Church powers was “of the Devil”.

Until we can get the general population to acknowledge these things intellectually, an apology from the two largest Christian denominations (Roman Catholic and Orthodox) would be essentially a meaningless gesture. It took many years of increasing awareness by the Jews and African-Americans before apologies were offered in any meaningful way.

I don’t think that the nascent revival of the Greek and Roman Pagan religions are to that point yet. Eventually, we will be, but we’re not there now.

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