Honoring the Gods with an Invisible Illness

This is not an easy post to make for me. When you have an invisible illness, like depression or chronic pain (full disclosure, I’ve been diagnosed with mental illness that has a depression component as well as both arthritis and fibromyalgia) it sometimes becomes difficult to do more than the most basic honoring of the Theoi. Nevertheless, it is important that we do this as it is part of the relationship we have with them.

The Goddesses that I am most devoted to, Hera and Hestia, are also two of the goddesses most concerned with home and family. It is a struggle for me sometimes to even do basic cleaning of my home — something that I use to strengthen my connection with them. I still press on with those things anyway. I do it for two reasons. First, I need a clean home to avoid sliding further into depression. Second, I would feel odd “inviting” the Gods into a home that I would not invite a human into…..

You don’t need to do elaborate rituals to honor the Gods, you just need to honor them. When you have an invisible illness, it encourages you to find the connections to the Gods that are already there in daily life — that healthy people miss at times.

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