Why I’m glad my Gods are NOT "All-Powerful",…..

There was a blog post by Galina Krassikova about “The Bane of Casual Irreverence” recently in which she says that we should not be “casual” about our relationship with the Gods. Although, at times, Galina comes across as a bit harsh in some of her viewpoints and on at least one Facebook thread on this posting is considered to be a bit extreme in some of her views, she does make a valid point in that by being “casual” with our Gods, we are being DISMISSIVE of beings that are greater, wiser and more powerful than we can hope to be as humans.

Now, there are some Gods that encourage IRREVERENCE as being part of their worship such as several “Trickster” deities or deities of satirical poetry and drama. However, this irreverence is not “casual” but rather “familiar” — like telling stories of a parent’s misadventures to your children.

Part of the issue we have is that — at least in regards to the Divine — most of us come from cultures where the vast majority of the population has an “either-or” approach to Deity. That is, a deity must be either “all-powerful” or “non-existent”, either monotheistic or atheistic. However, that leads to the question of “If the Deity is ABLE to prevent all suffering and doesn’t, are they truly worthy of worship?” To my way of thinking, they are not, because they CHOOSE not to do something they expect from their worshippers.

If a Deity is part of a SYSTEM of deities, none of which are all-powerful, and all with distinct personalities, then sometimes there are conflicting priorities between the deities and situations arise where one deity may not be able to prevent the actions of another — even if that action causes suffering, and especially if there is a lesson in that suffering. This does not mean that a particular deity would not have helped prevent the suffering if they could — and paradoxically to some people — that makes the deity in question even more worthy of my honor.

The Gods and Goddesses that I worship make me work to be better, and that makes me glad. They are not going to just “give” me anything….. And that is good as well.

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