An interesting question — and my answer as a devotee of Hestia is "Yes!"

John Beckett on Patheos,com has a blog that I follow for his insights as a fellow polytheist. One blog post that I have read recently poses the question Can We Trust the Gods? My answer to this is — Yes, we can trust the Gods.

We can trust that they are greater than us and know more than us. Although they do not need our worship, it is my understanding that the gods seem to enjoy interacting with people’s daily lives — sometimes in large ways and sometimes in smaller ways.

In this blog, John Beckett states that not everyone is called to be a priest, devotee or mystic. I agree, and that is fine with me. The paths that demand greater committment and involvement with the Gods are not for everyone. People are perfectly able to lead everyday lives and still worship the Gods and have a relationship with Them.

I can say that I am a Devotee of Hestia. Even though she is one of the “kinder” Goddesses, she still demands a lot of me that most people will not see. Just ask my “adopted” family and they will tell you that I have become something of a “den mother” and this is at the prodding of Hestia. Someday, I hope to earn the titles of Priestess and Mystic as well…. And make no mistake, these are not titles to claim for yourself if you cannot handle the level of engagement that the Gods themselves will demand of you.

Too many people want the title without knowing that level of responsibility or without being ready emotionally and mentally for the deep presence that will by default permeate their lives. This leads to suffering on the part of the person with the title as the Gods teach them the lessons they should have learned prior to the title being claimed or bestowed.

We trust the Gods to BE Gods. We are not, and it is because of that that we need to be cautious when we start to approach them more fully.

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