Da’esh and their quest "against idolatry" — and history

There has been a lot in the news lately about terrorist groups using Islam as an excuse for killing people and destroying historical artifacts as they seek to impose their extremist views on everyone else. This has created some potentially unlikely allies — which is a subject for another blog at another time.

What they are doing is more than just a tragedy — it is a crime, And it matters to all of us as human beings. When people destroy monuments and artworks because it “offends” them or “their religion” it is a crime against people as well.

When a people is robbed of their history, they are robbed of their identity.  This has happened too many times in the past to be allowed to happen again. The loss of the Library of Alexandria and the smashing of “idols” during the early Christian era was designed to destroy the pagan identity of people of the region and replace it with Christianity.

What Da’esh is doing is designed to destroy the cultural identity of the peoples of Iraq and Syria who recognize the achievements of their forebears even if most of them no longer worship the indigenous Gods and Goddesses of the area. It is not enough for them to impose their version of Islam on people who do not share it. They must destroy their “competition” — and in the process WORLD heritage.

They have sympathizers who have already called for the destruction of the pyramids and Sphinx at the Giza Plateau. They themselves have already called for the destruction of the Parthenon in Athens and similar sites in Rome.

All of us — no matter our path need to unite against this band of criminals.

May Nemesis dog their steps and may Hestia grant shelter to their victims…..

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