Delay in posting about the Charlie Hebdo massacre for processing over……

There have been a lot of things written about the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France. And while I don’t always agree with the content of satirical writers, I DO see their necessity in our society for pointing out our inconsistencies as well as our injustices towards one another. The Greeks even had a god, Momos, who was in part a god of “stinging criticism” and often if you look at the comedy of Aeschylus you will find that he is a writer of satire.

Unfortunately, as someone who writes what can sometimes be unpopular, I sometimes worry about another god (or set of daimones) called the Phonoi who are the spirits/gods of murder. As I am not well known, I am unlikely to actually have to face them for my views, but the views expressed in the Charlie Hebdo magazine did lead to people facing them.

I stand with those who say that killing people over words is wrong. I am willing to accept that people will not always agree with my words, and may even speak words in opposition to mine. THAT is acceptable. But, to resort to violence over words will never be right. Even children are taught that — or at least should be.

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