The Ferguson decision in light of the Horai (Seasons) — and why it matters in a larger way

The Horai — Eunomia (Good Laws), Eirene (Peace) and Dike (Justice) are the daughters of Themis and Zeus. As the children of the King of the Gods and the Titan Goddess of divine law and natural order and the sisters of the Morai (Fates) they have the jobs of helping us maintain our social structures and dynamics.

Without the presence of any or all of the three, we have the possibility of situations arising like the rioting in Ferguson after the grand jury’s decision in the shooting of Michael Brown Jr. by Officer Darren Wilson.

Although others will not necessarily agree with my feelings on the matter, all three of the sisters were absent in this situation. As is made obvious by the violence following the decision, Eirene was not there. The grand jury was asked to do the function of a trial jury by not only being shown the evidence that would potentially lead to a conviction but also the evidence that would potentially lead to an acquittal at trial. Because of this Eunomia was ignored, and therefore absent from the proceedings. And considering that the solitary function of a grand jury in the US justice system is to determine if there is sufficient evidence for a trial combined with the fact of there being 70 hours of testimony spanning 25 days — more testimony than is in the average criminal trial — and the grand jury did not indict, Dike was not there.

How does this matter to us in the larger way? It is because the Horai are ultimately the ones that are tasked with helping us maintain our social order. If these sisters are not present in our society then we have injustice which can extend to all strata of society, and will especially impact members of minority groups, not just racial, but also religious minorities, LBTGQ individuals, and those of us with physical disabilities, mental illness and the poor (especially the homeless). 

We need to do better for all of the members of our society than we have been doing. This is where we need to remember the Horai, and what they teach us, in our everyday lives. And, this is where we are called to act to implement their teachings in order to create the type of society where they can flourish.

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