Thoughts on the Orphic Hymn to Boreas on a snowy day…. (Athanassakis Translation)

80. To Boreas

incense — frankincense

Freezing Boreas, your wintry breezes make the world’s lofty air quiver, 
come from the snowy Thrace!
Dissolve the rebellious alliance of clouds and moist air.
turn the water to rushing drops of rain, bring fair weather everywhere
brighten Ether’s face
as the sun’s rays shine upon the earth,
This hymn is one that certainly bears looking at today. Although we no longer place the home of the North Wind in Thrace, the God that brings the Winter winds is still one worthy of regard. Especially with the current Polar Vortex bringing additional cold air to many parts of North America, we need to remember the winds and the roles they play in our lives.
Seasonal differences still affect us in many ways, and Boreas is part of what reminds us that at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere the Earth is resting for the summer season. In our daily lives, it is sometimes easy to think that we are no longer affected by this time of year. However, the more we try to separate ourselves from the cycles of nature, the more we need to connect with them. This is something our ancestors knew intuitively, and it is something that we need to connect with again.

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