Personal Gnosis — "Verified" or otherwise…

There has been a lot of talk that I have run across that people have received “knowledge” about the Gods or there wishes. These things fall under the category of “Personal Gnosis”.

There are two sub-categories — “verified” and “UNverified”. 

Let me start with the rarer, by far, of the two — the verified personal gnosis. This type of gnosis is one where a person has an understanding that can later be confirmed in one of two ways.

The first way is that the stories contained in the Mythos that the person is studying confirms it after study — like the gnosis that Hera is more a Goddess concerned with HONESTY in relationships than merely a “jealous wife” as She is commonly thought of. This gnosis is confirmed by the fact in the stories that Zeus was the father of Persephone by Demeter — yet Hera did not punish Demeter. Why? It is implied that Demeter went to Hera to let her know.

The second way is that it is a “shared” gnosis, where separate individuals have the same gnosis independently and then when they compare their understandings find that they have received the same gnosis.

Now we come to the more common sub-category — the unverified personal gnosis. Unfortunately, many people who receive these do not do the research to verify the gnosis. Instead they demand that other people accept it because “God/Goddess X” told me so — which in my opinion is foolish. After all, what if “God/Goddess Y” tells someone else the exact opposite? Which are others to believe and apply?

I fully appreciate the power of individual communion with the Gods and the gnosis that They provide to us. However, please don’t expect me to do what you say because some God or another says TO YOU that it is the “right” thing to do or think. Show me some form of verification.

This is something that I have come to understand over time — my own gnosis, if you will….

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