Autumn is definitely in the air (at least in the US)

Over the past few days, there have been a LOT of posts concerning the Autumn equinox from various people in the Pagan blogosphere. This is NOT one of them.  Instead, I will be talking about the PREPARATIONS that some of us are making for festivals in the coming months — things like the Pyanepsia and the Thesmophoria

Many times people forget that the “Wheel of the Year” with it’s eight equidistant festivals is a modern and not an organic concept. It does not necessarily mean that it is not a valuable concept in the modern era, just that not all of the peoples whose religions we reconstruct or revive built their festival calendar around them.

Greece, Rome and Egypt all spring to mind. These were areas that were NOT as dramatically effected by the differences in light as other parts of the world. But, festivals based on the agricultural cycles are a different matter….

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