Memorial Prayer for 9/11

Gods of Olympus, hear our prayers.
Today we pray to honor those who died this day
In New York City, Arlington and we honor the
Passengers of Flight 93 who died saving others.
We honor those whose threads were cut too soon
by those who acted in hatred.
We pray that those who survive them find peace.

We pray today, not just for ourselves,
But also for our nation as we still struggle
On our path to peace.

May Apollo Alexikakos, who averts harm, keep safe the first responders of our nation.
May Theos Nomos guide our President in wisdom, reason and strength.
May Athena Amerikana, Columbia, and Hestia (who is goddess of the Hearth of our State),
give wise counsel to our lawmakers, judges, officials and their advisors.
May Polemistes Talarinos, who fights under the shields guard, lead our soldiers to honorable victories.
May Dionysus Melpomenos, who sings of tragedy, help us to remember the truth of the day of silent skies.

Gods of Olympus, hear our prayers.
May we never forget the lessons that this day brings with it

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