Now it is time to Keep (Religiously) Silent

Today marks the beginning of the Eleusinian Mysteries in the Attic calendar for this year. While we cannot duplicate the Mysteries as they were once celebrated, we CAN take this time to contemplate the things we DO know about them.

We can certainly contemplate the stories that have come down to us about Demeter and her grief, as well as Persephone as Queen of the Underworld. We need to contemplate about the cycles of life and that we as mortals will not always be physically present in them.

And this is a cause for celebration, if you look at it. We come into this world, gain wisdom (hopefully) and then go to the Underworld. We are honored by our descendants in this world, and if we have come to understand/experience the Mysteries in our lifetime, we can gain Elysium or know to drink from the pool of Memory if we choose to be reborn.

All of this contemplation is something that we really cannot share and that is part of the reason for the advice about keeping RELIGIOUS silence — especially at this time.

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