What we need more of in the ENTIRE world is not just Nomos (law) but Dike (Justice)

Back when I was doing my journey through the Delphic Maxims, I blogged about Maxim #27 Practice what is just (Πραττε δικαια) http://greekreconmommy.blogspot.com/2012/05/practice-what-is-just.html. One of the things that I said, back then and I still agree with now is that when we see injustice it is our obligation to ACT to change it if it is at all possible for us to do so.

I have been engaged for the past 8 1/2 months with a personal struggle with injustice and it has contributed to this blog becoming more infrequent for a while. I am NOT going to discuss what that was because it is a struggle in which children were involved in.

However, the recent events in Ferguson, MO as well as in the territory controlled by the “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria have brought issues of how Law and Justice can be at odds with one another instead of working together for the benefit of all.

I agree that in many cases Law works as the handmaiden of Justice, but in these recent events it has proven that this is not always the case.  This saddens me as I hope to leave a legacy of something closer to true Justice for my daughter.

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