In the eyes of the Gods, we are all precious.

There has been an interesting stirring in the Hellenic Polytheistic community on Facebook where two differing viewpoints have been brought into sharp focus. I PERSONALLY ascribe to the viewpoint that none of us are “special” and/or “better” than another. We are all beloved of our Gods — especially as there are relatively speaking few of us at this point in time.

I am one who tends to NOT like being called a priestess by people, although I have had people do so. Why? Simply put, I do not feel that I have EARNED that title as of yet. I do not use the title “Oracle” either — for a similar reason. I am a diviner and a devotee.

The tendency that a lot of people in VARIOUS Pagan communities have of putting emphasis on titles is one that really bothers me. I also have trouble, at times, with the idea of people calling themselves “beloved” of one God or another because in some ways it feels hubristic.

We ourselves should be placing the honoring of the GODS first, and worrying less about the honoring of titles that people give themselves.

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