The day between the festivals

Some months are ones that have fewer festivals than others. This month actually has a few more than others. Today is a day that falls between two festivals. The first, Skira/Skiraphoria (which was yesterday in the modern calendar) seems to have been a festival PRIMARILY dedicated to Demeter, but also to Athena Skiras and to Dionysus. This festival was one that was apparently part of a cycle of festivals which also included the Thesmophoria and the Eleusinian Mysteries. However, the festival from which the month took its name in the Attic calendar also included other festivals such as the Dipolieia/Bouphonia which honors Zeus Polieus. This festival will be happening tomorrow.

That makes today a day to contemplate the relationship between the Theoi. There is a complex dance that they do in their administration of the cosmos and the festivals associated with them serve to illustrate that.

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