National Day of Prayer — a few thoughts…..

Today is the National Day of Prayer for this year in the United States.  I have mixed feelings about this. While I think that prayer is a necessary part of our praxis as Hellenic Polytheists, I also do not feel that we need a special day on the NATIONAL level for us to pray as we should be doing so every day.

As a person in the United States then, I will pray to Columbia as the Patron Goddess of our land; Nike and Dike to grant us victory in our struggles for justice; Nomos for the rule of law; and Elefteria as the representative of Liberty. These members of the pantheon are the ones that I am remembering especially for this occasion as we work towards equality and social justice — the ideals that our country was founded on.

Many times we have differing view of how we are to do this, but as long as we work towards these goals with a sense of community….

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