To Zeus on the Olympeia

To Zeus (Orphic Hymn #15)

Much-honored Zeus, great god, indestructible Zeus.we lay before you in prayer redeeming testimony.O king, you have brought to light divine works —earth, goddess and mother, the hills swept by the shrill winds,the sea and the host of the stars, marshaled by the sky.Kronian Zeus, strong-spirited god, the thunderbolt is your scepter,father of all, beginning and end of all,earth-shaker, increaser and purifier, all-shaker,god of thunder and lightning, Zeus the sower.Hear me, god of many faces, grant me unblemished health,please grant me divine peace and riches, please grant me glory without blame.

 In this Hymn we see Zeus in a number of lights. He is called king, sower and all-shaker. These things help illustrate that he is indeed a “god of many faces”. This fact is one of the reasons that He is so well-known and has as many people who honor him in one way or another as he does in the modern world.

There is even a video documentary “I still worship Zeus” about the worship of Zeus and the other Hellenic Gods in the modern world. It is because of this and other things that we can call him truly “indestructible”

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