Hellenismos and "alternate" lifestyles…. There is no debate in my mind.

Seneca, Hercules Furens 472 ff (trans. Miller) (Roman tragedy C1st A.D.) :“But dainty Bacchus [Dionysos] does not blush to sprinkle with perfume his flowing locks, nor in his soft hand to brandish the slender thrysus, when with mincing gait he trails his robe gay with barbaric gold.”
Suidas s.v. Androgynos (trans. Suda On Line) (Byzantine Greek lexicon C10th A.D.) :“Androgynos (androgynous): [A word applied to] Dionysos, as one doing both active, male things and passive, female ones [in sexual intercourse].
Alternatively ‘effeminate’ (anandros), and hermaphroditic (hermaphroditos) [also men who have lost their virility including eunuchs]. Also [in the genitive plural, meaning those who are] weak and have the hearts of women.”
Suidas s.v. Appapai (quoting Aristophanes, Frogs 57) :“Appapai (Oh god!): An expression of affirmation. For when Herakles asks [Dionysos] ‘Were you loved [physically] by a man?’, this is his response.”
Suidas s.v. Kybele :“Kybele: Rhea. [So named] from the Kybela mountains . . . But he used the phrase ‘O [Kybele] mother of Kleokritos’ . . . He treated him comically as a gay (kindaidos) and a foreigner and of low birth and the son of Kybele because effeminates are present in the mysteries of Rhea . . . Therefore the proverb was said of gays (kindaidoi).” [N.B. Dionysos was also nursed by Kybele, and so was also effeminate.]

For MYTHS of Dionysos as the god of homosexuality see:
(1) Dionysos in the Fables of Aesop (Dionysos gets Prometheus drunk, and he creates homosexuals while molding mankind)
(2) Dionysos Loves: Ampelos (boy loved by Dionysos, transformed into a grapevine)
(3) Dionysos Loves: Polymnos (a man the god agrees to have sex with in return for his help in finding an entrance to the underworld)

Recently, I was involved in an online “discussion” about whether homosexuality (and by extension other alternate lifestyles) were allowable in modern Hellenismos. The person I was arguing AGAINST tried to say that because the Delphic Maxims and the Oracle of Delphi did not explicitly state that homosexual behavior was allowed, that it was in fact, not.

However, the quotes I have started this blog with indicate that Dionysus, at least, did not have a problem with homosexual behavior.There are other myths that also indicate the same about Zeus, Poseidon and Apollo.

This leads me to the understanding that among CONSENTING ADULTS, there should be no debate as to whether a homosexual person can be part of Hellenismos. They can. End of discussion.

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