Thoughts on Hestia…. We always have her….

Queen Hestia, daughter of mighty Kronos
mistress of the ever-burning fire, you dwell in the center of the house,
May you raise the holy initiates, in these sacred rites.
may you grant them unwithering youth, wealth as well, prudence and purity.
Home of the blessed gods, men’s mighty buttress.
eternal, many-shaped, beloved, grass-yellow,
smile, O blessed one, kindly accept these offerings
waft upon us prosperity, breath upon us gentle-handed health.
(Orphic Hymn translation by Athannasakis)
Hestia truly IS the center of our homes and lives, especially as she is at the center of the house of the Gods on Holy Olympus. She is a goddess that is often underestimated, and interestingly her Orphic Hymn is not found mixed in with the other Olympians but with the “minor” gods. This has probably contributed to the impression that people have of her being a relative nonentity.
Yet, she is the one that the Homeric Hymn states is the one that without her the Immortal Gods do not have banquets. This is something that indicates that SHE is more central than many commentators would have us believe. And this is something that is comforting — as we always have her to come home to.

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