"Invisible" Pagans — Yes, some of us are NOT Wiccan

There is a lot going on in the Pagan blogosphere about Wicca and Wiccanate privilege. And those of us who are devotional polytheists of types OTHER than Wiccan are starting to say “We are here too”. And some of us are feeling like we are finally being “allowed at the BIG kid’s table”.

It is more than just the concentration on Wicca in the media and in publications that has been a problem for some of us. Where are the symbols of faith for Hellenistai or practitioners of Religio Romanum similar to pentacles for Wiccans or crosses for Christians? They are impossible to find.

I know of several MAJOR organizations for Wiccans like Covenant of the Goddess. But where are the equally well-known organizations for Khemetics, or Romuva? They simply do not exist in this country. And this is where a lot of people who are in “minority religions” WITHIN PAGANISM end up feeling disenfranchised.

We ARE here, and we are not going to go away. BUT if we do not speak up, the people who assume that Pagan equals Wiccan will never learn of the beautiful diversity of Pagan/Polytheistic beliefs. That is OUR responsibility.

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