Lenaia thoughts……


The Fumigation from Manna.
Liknitan Bacchus [Liknitos Dionysos], bearer of the vine,
 thee I invoke to bless these rites divine:
Florid and gay, of nymphs the blossom bright,
 and of fair Venus [Aphrodite], Goddess of delight,
‘Tis thine mad footsteps with mad nymphs to beat,
 dancing thro’ groves with lightly leaping feet:
From Jove’s [Zeus’] high counsels nurst by Proserpine [Persephoneia],
and born the dread of all the pow’rs divine:
Come, blessed pow’r, regard thy suppliant’s voice,
 propitious come, and in these rites rejoice.

With these words I am asking Dionysus to bless us during the Lenaia. This is a festival which is celebrating the life sleeping in the earth. We will be noticing the growing of the light soon enough, but for now we celebrate that life is HERE with us during the winter. The playing of children is something that serves to remind us of the things we should be doing to honor the Gods — Especially Dionysus… Who is one of the divine children……
This is a time to BE as children for we grow wiser that way……

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