New Year, new challenges

Most people make their “new year’s” posts a little closer to the beginning of the calendar year. I took the time to reflect on what challenges I want to set for myself in the coming year.

Some are consistent this year with last — a stable home, a happy family…… Others are needing to be set. More regular writing is probably on that list, starting with the Lenaia in about a week followed by the Gamelia later in the month.  I need to focus a LOT on Mira’s school progress because although she is on track in some areas, she is behind in others.

This is going to be a challenge in the first part of the year because we have to move from the place we’ve been living since February 2012 at the end of January — but because affordable rents are hard to find, we’re having to put a LOT into the hands of the Gods. We have faith that WITH HELP we will be able to do what is needed.

Other challenges will be there, I am certain. However, I intend to keep writing……

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