The season of Elpis (Hope)

Recent events in my life (which I am NOT going to go into here) have served to remind me of the importance of Elpis. There are those who argue that Elpis being part of what was in Pandora’s pythos makes it one of the evils of the world. I disagree. FALSE or misguided hope is an evil to be sure, but hope is what sustains us through difficult times. Elpis is what helps give us the strength to carry on in those times.

We all have times in our lives when we feel like a raw wound. This is part of what makes us human. Our Gods do not promise that things will always be easy. What they do promise, is that if we make the effort everyday, that we will get through difficult situations. This is where Elpis comes in. She is the quiet voice that is there to remind us that things eventually do work out. She is the voice that reminds us that things happen for a reason. Sometimes the things that happen seem to be straight out of Pandora’s pythos… and that is all right. Hope is there.

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