Teo Bishop — or why I’m glad NOT to be a "Big Name Pagan"

I’ve been seeing a lot of vitriol on the net about Mr. Bishop and his decision to become a Christian. I’ve also seen people ardently supporting him. I don’t know him personally, although I have read his writing before, so I cannot know what kind of soul-searching went into his decision. I know that it cannot have been easy to write about it, however….putting yourself on the line is NEVER easy.

That being said, I think that a lot of the vitriol in the situation comes from the fact that Mr. Bishop had become what is known on the net as a “Big Name Pagan” (BNP). And there are those who see his “conversion” as an act of betrayal. I don’t necessarily see it as such. I struggled for years trying to reconcile the Christianity of my youth with my heart and it did not work. Does that make me anti-Christian? No, it means that the Gods called me to a different path.

We, as pagans, accept that different Gods call to different people. Is it so hard to accept that SOME people are actually called to by the Christian God instead of using it as a default religious belief? My family includes people who are Christian and called by the Christian god to service. Is their belief any less than mine?  I’m glad that they are happy with their faith.

This brings me back to the original topic — Mr. Bishop and his choice. HE was the one who had to struggle with the call of the Gods and his struggles are in many ways similar to my struggles, but in a different direction. I, however, have been blessed with NOT being someone that a lot of people “look up to” in the realm of the internet so I am free (in that respect) to NOT have to worry that people will feel that I don’t live up to their image of what I “should” be.  I am a mommy first, and then a pagan blogger. People have not yet lost sight of that fact. Teo Bishop is himself first, and then a blogger….. People lost sight of the person, and that in my mind is a very SAD thing.

One thought on “Teo Bishop — or why I’m glad NOT to be a "Big Name Pagan"

  1. Ann — I agree. I have been with Hellenion since the first day and I don't know if there are any of the “old-timers” are left. Anyway, I remember when Drew Campbell had his re-conversion. It was awful — awful for him, awful for us. These things do happen — and they are very private. They are between a person and the Gods this person may have taken oaths to. The spiritual process in severing these ties — I just cannot imagine the hideous amount of pain involved. We may feel bereft but it is nothing to what the other is feeling at this time. We should just keep our noses out of his business.


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