The "Golden Dawn" (XA) party can only lead to a bloody day

I rarely get political on this blog because I try to save it for religious matters, but this is a subject that crosses over — because the Greek political party known as the “Golden Dawn”, or XA, (not to be confused with the esoteric order of the same name) has done in Greece what the Nazi party did in Germany. In the name of a search for the racialist “roots” of the Greeks they have made very public visits to sacred sites and ostensibly honored the heroes of Thermopylae. This was done so that they can make the public believe the lie that they are “connected” somehow to a renaissance of “Hellenic Values” ™…

This angers me on many levels and because of this I feel the need to write what I am writing today. First and foremost, they are NOT Hellenic Polytheists and organizations such as the YSEE (Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes) have PUBLICLY said as much. As such, the so-called ‘pilgrimage’ they made to Delphi — far from honoring the God — have shown a deep disrespect to the people who still think of that as a sacred site. They are also not standing for the values of the ancient Hellenes in that the ancients would accept anyone who spoke the language as being eligible for participating in some of the most sacred of rites — the Eleusinian Mysteries. The modern XA is anti-immigrant to the point of only helping those that they consider to be “real Greeks” and demolishing the ability of immigrants to make an honest living JUST LIKE THE NAZI PARTY DID.

If the XA are allowed to succeed, they will bring about in Greece, what the Nazi Party did in Germany. Do we really want that blood to be on the hands of the people of the Hellenic diaspora by supporting this travesty? Or do we as Hellenes and Philhellenes want to stand on the principles established by the sages of Ancient Hellas by standing against the madness?

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